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To Build a Kingdom-minded community with those involved in our after-school programs, where families can learn, grow and explore true community while discovering who Jesus is.


Our mission is to provide a safe and adventurous environment where kids needing after-school care, can learn, grow and create long-lasting relationships with their peers and leaders.


  • We value the health and safety of our kids, staff and community. This includes physical, mental and spiritual health and safety.

  • We value the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our kids and their families by being positive influences and loving neighbours.

  • We value the need for affordable child care that allows kids to grow, learn, explore and flourish.

  • We value trusting peer relationships between staff, parents and kids.

  • We value the ability to explore God’s creation and His love and learn what a relationship with Him could look like (with our community kids and families).

  • We value integrity, honesty and communication within our program. Including our parents, kids, community and staff.

  • We value family relationships, and opportunities for other connections with The Neighbourhood Church and surrounding communities.

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